Mucuna ( Velvet bean)

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Mucuna Pruriens benefits ?

Mucuna Pruriens herb may be taken by both men and women who may experience the following benefits:

  • Increased libido
  • Improves energy & endurance
  • Boosts an uplift in mood by increasing dopamine
  • Increases the release of growth hormone for cell rejuvenation

Mucuna Pruriens is also knows as velvet bean cowitch or cowhage and grown in warm climates sure as Caribbean, Africa this particular type is grow in Thailand to the heist standard. It is the Mucuna Pruriens seed which hold the magic with their use in enhancing libido and pleasure senses in the brain.

What is Mucuna Pruriens used for?

Mucuna provide a natural increase in mental agility to sexual desire by individually balancing levels testosterone in both men and women to create homoeostasis. Your body will take what it needs from Mucuna adjusting level as accordingly.

Mucuna Pruriens also contain L-Dopa the precursor to dopamine, the brain chemical responsible for sexual desire, mood and satisfaction.

Research studies are also considering how Mucuna Pruriens may work in Parkinson’s disease given its affect on dopamine levels.

Mucuna (Velvet Bean) for Stress, Depression and Low Mood

Velvet Bean is seen to be one of the best sources for alleviating stress, depression, and low mood amongst all the natural supplements. Due to it’s high L-dopa content, it is an excellent source to help restore and balance one’s mood.

As it is a natural plant extract, it does not have the strong chemical side-effects of prescriptive drugs.

Mucuna (Velvet Bean) has been used for centuries by tribal cultures for symptoms such as depression. The plant is found in tropical climates such as India, Africa, and the Caribbean, and is used there as a mood enhancer, as it can produce almost similar stimulating effects to coffee.

The effectiveness of Mucuna (Velvet Bean) is due to it’s high concentration of L-Dopa, with each seed containing as much as and more than 100mg of L-Dopa.

What is L- Dopa? And how Mucuna (Velvet Bean) works?

After taking Mucuna (Velvet Bean), the bean is broken down releasing it’s many vital elements. It’s greatest element being L-Dopa (otherwise known as levodopa). L-Dopa is an amino acid, directly affecting the central nervous system.

L-Dopa is the precursor chemical to the neurotransmitter dopamine, playing an important role in the brain and body. The neurotransmitter is released by neurons to send signals to other nerve cells. It plays a large role in reward motivated behaviour, sensory stimulation, physical pleasure, and euphoria.

Serotonin is another mood enhancer, which is released with L-dopa along with adrenaline. Making Velvet Bean’s results much higher than other natural supplements for improving mood.

Velvet Bean and Sleep

As Mucuna (Velvet Bean) is an adaptogen, it is not only helpful for anxiety relief, reducing cravings, improving brain function, enhancing one’s mood, calming nerves, and also sleeping well.

Due to the increased production of dopamine from the high content of L-Dopa, Velvet Bean has been reported to improve sleep quality.

Sleep deprivation affects millions of people, and can have serious consequences. It can be the cause for increase of weight, decrease work production, and decrease in immune function. The number of people who are affected adds more and more to the rising health care costs, and people visiting the doctors.

Velvet Bean and Weight-Loss

The reduction in hormones and brain chemicals can be one of the problems when on a low fat diet. Mucuna (Velvet Bean) boosts the production of growth hormones, and dopamine in the brain.

Hormones act as messengers between cells, and play an important role in how the body runs. Growth hormones are produced by the pituitary gland in the brain.

Both growth hormones and dopamine are vital in sustaining lean muscle, as well as aiding weight loss. In turn the overall body functioning is in harmony and one tends not to reach for stimulants, which put on weight. Instead Velvet Bean helps one to a lead an all round better life style.

Recommended Dose of Mucuna Pruriens?


Up to 5 g a day

Dose will vary depending on reason for taking.

Generally, start with once a day, 1 gram and increase to 2-3 times daily until desired effect is reached

Natural therapies carry a risk of contraindications when combined with various treatments and conditions.

If you have any heart conditions particularly hypertension, cardiac or pulmonary disease, using an MAP inhibitor or taking any health products containing L-dopa then it is advised you seek the advice of your doctor or health physician before taking Mucuna Pruriens Capsules.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, taking Mucuna Pruriens should also be avoided.