Cordyceps Mushrooms capsules


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Cordyceps Mushrooms capsules

Over 35? Suffering from illness? Or need to boost your immune system?

Try Cordyceps

Why should you be taking Cordyceps if you are over 35?
As we age, the human body becomes less efficient at recovery and rejuvenation. Cordyceps only encourages the body where we need it most, so the effects will be unique to you.

Cordyceps are scientifically proven to increase cell energy (ATP). Each organ in your body is made up of cells. When your organs work more effectively, so does your body – boosting energy.

What are Cordyceps mushrooms?

Cordyceps are rare wild mushrooms that grow at very high altitudes. A well-known Chinese traditional medicine dating back centuries. Although a well-kept secret in the west, until now.

Due to an increase in demand, Medimush grows Cordyceps in a controlled environment from a natural spore. Once cultivated, the active ingredient Cordycepin that makes Cordyceps so powerful, increases, making simulated Cordyceps safer and more effective. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Benefits of Cordycepin

Anti-ageing effects

Beijing University of Pharmaceutical Sciences has established that Cordyceps has the effect of slowing ageing in mice while improving the activity of antioxidants, helping to reduce free radical damage, keeping you young.

Boost the immune system

China’s healing mushroom, it tells of several immune-increasing effects of Cordyceps. A rise in the number of white blood cells, NK cells, macrophages and T helper cells. Helping to keep illness and disease at bay.

Sports performance

Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise tested 30 healthy male athletes for six weeks to record the effects of Cordyceps on their athletic performance. The result was a 10% increase in aerobic activity.

General health over 40

A study at the Rippe Lifestyle Institute. A group of inactive adults between the ages of 40 and 70 were tested for 12 weeks regarding their aerobic capability, exercise metabolism and endurance.The group that had taken Cordyceps lowered their blood pressure by an average of 3.1% and increased their VO2 peak by 5.5% – increasing oxygen to the body for more energy.


Clinical Observations of Adjunctive Treatment of 20 diabetic patients with Cordyceps. The group treated daily with Cordyceps and another group treated by other more conventional methods demonstrated that 95% of the patients treated with Cordyceps showed improvement in their blood sugar profiles.


Due to white blood cell and immune system boosting effects, Cordyceps is NOT suitable for people with an autoimmune disease. Cordyceps also have a slight blood thinning effect so consult a licensed practitioner if using blood thinning medication.