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  • MMS Water Purification Kit
  • Professional food grade 28% Sodium Chlorite
  • Made by a ISO 9001 : 2000 certified company
  • Clean water of pathogens fast
  • Next Day Delivery





Buy UK MMS Online | PH Health


Water Purification Solution

  • MMS Water Purification Kit – No miracle, just simple science

  • Professional food grade 28% Sodium Chlorite Mineral

  • Made by a ISO 9001 : 2000 certified company

  • Clean water of pathogens fast

  • Next Day Delivery

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Our kit includes: 1 x 120ml 28% sodium chlorite Mineral in a solution, plus 1 bottle of activator

How it works: 

MMS Water Purification solution is made by mixing citric acid and sodium chlorite mineral together to create chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is 2 part oxygen one part chloride when it comes across pathogens, germs, bacteria, fungus and viruses, it kills them.

When MMS Water Purification solution comes into contact with harmful pathogens it instantly rips off up to five electrons from the pathogen holding it together. The pathogens are rendered harmless due to the involuntary surrendering of their electrons. Oxidized by the MMS Water Purification drops, the former pathogen becomes a particle of harmless salt.

This is why MMS is good at cleaning water! There’s no miracle or magic involved, its simple chemistry.

It is simple to purify your drinking water when you know how. One to two drops of MMS added to a gallon of water is enough to destroy the majority of pathogens.

It is important to let the water sit for a minimum of thirty minutes before you drink it, but if you are short on time it is possible to expedite this by using the activator that comes with your MMS.

It is necessary to mix the activator in a separate vessel such as a little cup, after which point you can add it to the drinking water. The pre-mixed version contains fifty percent citric acid and fifty percent distilled water. If you have this version, you may add it to the water according to a 1:1 ratio. So, you would take your glass and add one drop of activator for every drop of water.

It is also possible to decide on different activation strength, if you see fit. If you have the 1:1 mix, you must wait around thirty seconds, after which you will notice a change in colour; the mixture will turn from transparent to a yellowish-brown. Then you can supplement water to dilute it . Once this is done, your mixture is ready to purify unclean water.

Chlorine dioxide has been around for a long time. In fact, in Europe and America it has been used to treat water for more than sixty years, thanks to its unparalleled ability to destroy pathogens and other contaminants.

Chlorine is outmoded for water purification

The alternative chemical option, chlorine, has been used a lot but is far less effective and has a detrimental impact on human health. Elemental chlorine has long been used as a bleaching and disinfectant agent.

Trihalomethanes (known as THMs) are byproducts of chlorine, and they have carcinogenic effects; for this reason, many industries that previously used it have turned their back on it in favour of the more powerful chlorine dioxide. Chlorine also encourages the formation of bromochloromethane and chloroform, which are detrimental to human health.

There are also other chemicals previously favoured in the water purification industry but now banned, such as fluorine and bromine. These too have been banned due to their carcinogenic effects. The difference with chlorine dioxide is that it does not break down into trihalomethanes, yet is still a powerful and reliable way to purify water.

The main point to remember is that chlorine dioxide is safe for humans to consume, whereas chlorine is not, due to it breaking down into carcinogenic trihalomethanes.

Why should you use chlorine dioxide?

  • Chlorine dioxide is able to completely destroy organic contaminants. It effectively kills bacteria and viruses such as e. coli, giardia,  botulism cryptosporidium and cholera.
  • It can also kill carcinogenic pathogens and pollutants like sulfides, nitrites, manganese and iron. Cyanides found in in waste water can not survive it; nor can 3,4-benzopyrene.
  • It is competent at removing tastes and smells created by water algae, and dyes manufactured by chlorophyll in pesticides and plants.
  • It does not react with ammonia, nitrogenous compounds or any other chloroform creating substances.
  • Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizing agent, where chlorine is not. This means that chlorine dioxide is able to destroy almost all pathogens and dead tissues, without harming healthy cells and tissues.

It was the USA that first imposed modifications to the way water was purified, over the last twenty years. They have gradually phased out chlorine in favour of chlorine dioxide for use within municipal water supplies.

Master the art of Supplementing your water with MMS, hydrate with pure water for maximum health. It’s no miracle, just simple chemistry.