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The link between your food and health is very simple.

All foods break down into two forms when digested: alkaline or acid.

If too much acidic food, drink or drugs are consumed you will develop acidosis which, if left untreated, can cause very serious diseases. 

pH test strips

  • 100 pH Test Strips per pack

  • pH results in seconds

  • See how the food you eat is effecting your body

  • Urine and saliva sensitive

  • Full instructions with every pack

pH Plus is 100% natural.

when alkaline you can expect to feel more energy, less brain fog. Whilst your body detoxes most people notice a reducing in fat and water storage


Per pH Plus container for capsules: 120 caps 


Amount per capsule 500mg 

Calcium-carbonate 350mg

Magnesium-carbonate 150mg 

Other Ingredients:

Vegetable capsules 

The minerals in pH plus are naturally mined, not made in a lab like most other minerals sold in health food shops. This means that your body will recognise it faster – in other words, it is bioavailable.


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