As we find ourselves in the middle of an English summer (which often means there isn’t much of one at all!), maybe we look back to our pre-summer intentions for a clean, fit and healthy body. Perhaps those promises originated from way before the spring months, yet we still haven’t fulfilled them.

It wouldn’t be anything unusual, what with modern schedules getting in the way an abundance of temptations beckoning to us from shelves wherever we go. It’s not worth beating ourselves up about what is already done, but there comes a time when these excesses start to accumulate and take their toll. At this point we feel tired, sick or fat, and we make a more secure promise to ourselves. Something like: “tomorrow, I will start my detox.”

So, the summer is not yet over and there is still time to kick-start our vitality and our fitness. If you don’t feel like (or don’t have time for) embarking on a lengthy detox protocol, don’t let that put you off. Yes, there are many juice fasts and thorough detox routines around, but if you are not ready for such full-on discipline, there are other options that will have you feeling great pretty quickly and should serve as motivation to continue a healthy diet and lifestyle ongoing.

Detoxing doesn’t have to be lengthy and grueling

Why not try a more simple, two or three-day detox that you could do over the weekend? pH health believe that a short detox is better than no detox! It can be very motivating and give your body that much-needed break. You can repeat this process regularly too, to fit around your commitments.

Dropping your usual fast pace or busy schedule, and making a commitment to being kind to yourself for a few days can do you the world of good on both a physical and mental level.

pH health have prepared some tips for a successful detox and they can be repeated each day for as many days as you can muster:


To prepare, reduce intake of caffeine, wheat, dairy, alcohol, and sugar so that you don’t experience withdrawal symptoms, and eat less than you usually would. Don’t eat heavy foods like meat, and don’t pile the plate high with carbohydrates. Now is the time to cut out the use of chemical products and make-up, and let your hair air dry because the chlorine in our tap water is very drying, especially in summer. Start to drink more water – distilled water is the best as it detoxes your whole body. This will prepare you for the increased intake over the next few days. Lastly, get an early night ready for your program.


On the first morning, as soon as you get up, practice some yoga or go for a walk to get the blood and lymph flowing. Prepare some lemon water to drink over the course of the day; this will help the liver to detox and stimulate the bowels. Half or one fresh lemon squeezed into pitcher of warm water should do it. Avoid the caffeinated drinks, but if you’re struggling, go for the healthier option of green tea instead, in moderation.

Continue your consumption of healthy, clean water and aim for 8 250ml glasses per day. Introduce supplements such as Liposomal vitamin C to flush out toxins, and superfood powders to boost immunity.

Have a light breakfast of steamed vegetables, such as carrot, courgette, potato, kale and asparagus. We are trying to eliminate toxins and inflammation. This means avoiding the food we listed in the preparation advice, and also eating no processed foods. pH health advocate a healthy diet at all times, but this is especially important as part of a cleanse. 

Afternoon and evening

Make lighter lunches and have the lightest meal in the evenings. It is best to include raw greens, more steamed vegetables, beans and raw nuts. Salads with avocado are also great. All of these greens will help to alkalise the body, and when you reduce the acidity you’re holding, you won’t believe the difference in the way you feel on all levels. Check out our healthy diet advice here.

Other detox aids

You can indulge in any of these at any time, and all will help your detox process greatly:

Dry brushing your body before you shower stimulates the lymphatic system and helps flush out the toxins your body is now dispelling on this detox. Use a brush with soft bristles as it’s not too harsh on the skin, then start by lightly brushing it in the direction of the blood flow. Next, take a warm shower to get the circulation going even more.

Go to your local steam room or sauna. If you have the option for this, it’s a great help to any detox. Sweating out the toxins through the skin is a fast track for your detox process. If this isn’t an option for you, you can go for the home option: immerse yourself in a hot, Epsom salt bath.

Meditate (and nap if you feel sleepy). Indulge any sleepy impulses with a power nap to boost your energy levels and give the body even more chance to process out toxins. Meditating is a really great tool for relaxation and can make lasting changes in attitude, resulting in a happier and therefore a more healthy being all round! Even five to ten minutes per day will make a difference.

If you can afford to indulge in a massage, go for it. Detox time is as good a time as any, as the massage will help to release toxins stored in your tissues, as well as stimulating lymph and blood flow more.

If you still don’t feel great after this detox, why not reinforce that promise to keep yourself happy and healthy long term? pH health offer lots of advice and healthy products to keep your health and vitality at optimum levels all year round. Check out our website for information.