With many people getting sick through seasonal changes, pH Health have put together a few tips for keeping your immunity at peak levels no matter the time of year.

It can be very simple to keep sickness at bay by just following a few golden rules. Of course, you can take it much further – the sky is the limit when it comes to levels of health and vitality, as far as we’re concerned… but here are a few of our best tips – the basic requirements to recover from or prevent sickness this season:

1. Keep your probiotic levels high

Probiotics build up your gut flora, thus strengthening your immunity. There are many probiotics on the market, but many of the tablets available do not contain enough of the beneficial bacteria you need to give your immune system the boost you are seeking.

You can find probiotic content in certain products like kombucha tea (a fermented tea drink containing contains billions of friendly bacteria. However, most people can’t source enough of this fresh product to keep things afloat, and don’t have the time or inclination to learn how to make it themselves. Kefir is another cultured/fermented probiotic drink often made from dairy, but sometimes from coconut.

Both are available in some health food stores but it can get expensive to be drinking them all the time, so if you want to mix things up with supplementation, choose a good strong (ideally shelf-stable) Pro-biotic such as EM-Pro that contain all the beneficial microflora you need. Some fermented foods also have probiotic qualities, like fresh sauerkraut, some yogurts, and Korean kimchi.

2. Make sure your vitamin D levels are adequate

For maximum immunity, it is a great idea to have your vitamin D levels tested. This way you won’t be supplementing unnecessarily, if you’re already full of Vitamin D from your summer holiday, for example. You can ask a Doctor for a test, and you need to be aiming for 50ng/ml or above (up to about 80), which will really assist your immunity.

The sun is by far your best source of Vitamin D but obviously it is not always available to everyone, all year round. This way, your skin can naturally produce the Vitamin D and your immune system will be strengthened immeasurably. In the summer most people’s Vitamin D levels will naturally be higher, but they can be dangerously low in the winter, sometimes dropping to below 20ng/ml; this will result in colds and hormonal imbalances.

Remember: Chemical-laden high street sunscreens will block the rays that produce it and the chemicals themselves will lower your immunity – or even poison you! Use coconut oil for a natural sunscreen.

Vitamin D can be found in egg yolks, salmon, mackerel, Portobello mushrooms. Vitamin D2 is the one you will often see in ‘fortified’ products such as milks, but it is not as effective as Vitamin D3. It can be challenging to get enough through food alone though, so it can be worth supplementing Vitamin D3 to maintain adequate levels.

3. Make sure you’re consuming enough garlic

Considered a superfood by some, garlic is a powerful immune-booster.  It has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. If you don’t want to or can’t seem to get enough garlic through your cooking, try supplementing with capsules. It is always best to get Vitamins through food if possible, though.

If you notice that you are coming down with something, you can increase your intake of garlic to give the invaders a run for their money!

4. Keep the antioxidants flowing

We recently published a blog all about this subject, so if you haven’t read it yet, please do! It covers in detail just how important it is to consume antioxidants, and how to know you’re getting the right kinds.

In short, you need lots of organic fruits and vegetables, berries, teas, superfoods such as raw cacao, spirulina, maca, chias seeds etc.

5. Make sure your diet is as alkaline, natural and organic as possible

pH Health always recommend that you avoid additives and processed foods, as they contain many harmful ingredients, which could be a contributing factor to your poor health in the first place. Processed foods can be very inflammatory; they are often laden with omega-6 oils (think corn oil and soybean oil) as well as nasties such as refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

These additives make it very difficult for your body to function as they give it a lot of extra work to do. Inflammation is often the result, which is the last thing you want when you are trying to heal yourself. Grains such as bread, cereals and pasta etc. are also inflammatory and difficult to absorb. There is evidence to support the idea that grains were not part of the human diet until around 10,000 years ago; it could be argued that as you can’t consume them without cooking them, they’re not intended for human consumption!

If you’re feeling unwell, stick to as natural a diet as possible and you’ll heal much more quickly. Another fabulous health booster for both prevention and cure are Mega Greens with MSM, which you can add to smoothies or take in capsule form.

6. Get plenty of exercise

Obviously if you’re already feeling ill, pH health don’t recommend exerting yourself unnecessarily. Prevention is better than cure in this case, but moderate exercise even when sick can kick-start your immunity. It’s better to do so outside to get the fresh air, so just some walking or hiking can help. If you can get your circulation and lymph flowing, this will speed up your recovery no end.

pH health have a whole range of alkalising, health-boosting products to keep your health in its optimum state all year round. Talk to us any time about what might work for you.