MSM stands for methyl-sulfonyl-methane and is an organic sulfur compound. Found in over one hundred and fifty different compounds in the body, there are components in almost every kind of cell. It is also one of the largest nutrients present in the human body (and the bodies of all other vertebrates).

You can get a certain amount of MSM from your diet as it is found in many kinds of foods. It is present in meat and dairy, but pH health recommend vegetables as the healthiest source of MSM. Natural, unprocessed foods are the most sulfur-rich ones; the problem is that it can be easily lost during cooking. For this reason, we recommend that you eat as much raw food as possible to get the necessary sulfur intake.

This biologically-active sulfur is of huge benefit to those looking to remain youthful. It also helps your energy levels, and as we all know already, energy = exercise = good health = youthful appearance! If our diets are nutrient deficient, we are going to age a lot more rapidly and our energy levels will decrease substantially.

David Wolfe and Dr. Stanley Jacob both promote MSM!

MSM and DMSO are almost identical compounds; DMSO is in liquid form, and MSM is a more solid white crystal.  MSM powder is identical to that which is found in natural environments.

David Wolfe is one advocate of MSM, as is Dr. Stanley Jacob (the mastermind behind DMSO), who believes that DMSO and MSM are both incredibly therapeutic for the body in general; in other words, you don’t need to wait to have an illness to solve. Far better to ‘treat’ the body to these vital ingredients so that it does not become dysfunctional in the first place.

It seems that these days people are taking sulfur a bit more seriously, which is wise because it is a critical nutrient that many bodily functions rely on. The problem is that not everybody is consuming enough of it through diet, but fortunately this can be remedied via proper supplementation.

pH health are happy to see MSM getting the recognition it deserves within the natural health industry. We wanted to tell you about a few of the ways in which MSM will benefit you… so here goes:

It’s an excellent healing and detox tool

Healing is abundant within the body when enough MSM is present. The pain you feel after a strong workout (due to the lactic acid) can be greatly minimized by MSM, as it helps the process of waste elimination from the cells. What you will notice on a physical level is faster recovery times and more energy.

This is of course also a form of detox, which sulfur is extremely important for. We may not all want to participate in that, but nobody can argue that detox does not have many benefits! MSM assists in the detox process at a cellular level by making it easier for toxic waste to pass out through the cell walls, and of course for the ‘good stuff’ to come in!

For the same reasons, sulfur is a great help against inflammation. It is necessary for the body to create glutathione, a crucial antioxidant produced by the body. Also, not all calcium is good for you, and MSM is a useful tool for dissolving the excess calcium in your body, which would otherwise be having a negative impact on your health.

It increases energy, and all over flexibility

MSM energises you because of the permeability it lends to your body’s cells. As we described above, the whole process of waste removal and nutrient input is streamlined, so you use less energy in the detox. Your body uses more energy in the digestive processes than it does in any other area, but because MSM means better nutrient absorption, your digestion is assisted greatly and less energy is needed for it. You’ll therefore have an abundance of energy that your body can use for healing, and of course for exercise!

Who doesn’t want flexible, supple joints? As we age, this can become a major source of frustration, and even pain. MSM is known to increase the flexibility of joints, as well as that of muscle tissues, and as we mentioned above, your skin.

Flexibility of the joints, muscles and skin is just one of the anti-ageing mechanisms MSM consumption delivers.

It’s beautifying! Your skin, hair and nails will thank you for it…

MSM supports the production of collagen. A lack of collagen can lead to less elasticity in the skin, which means you’re going to be wrinkly!  It can also result in dryness, and in extreme cases where no measures are taken to protect the skin, and can become cracked and sore. If paired with Vitamin C, MSM teams up perfectly to create healthy new tissue. In short, MSM consumption leads to beautiful and healthy skin!

It’s not only skin that collagen benefits; the hair and nails also need this mineral, along with keratin. MSM provides the necessary amount of sulfur for the production of both keratin and collagen. It is famous for strengthening and thickening the hair and nails too, after a very short period of time.

By now you’re probably wondering what the best routes are to filling up on MSM. Well, as we mentioned before, healthy diet is crucial, with plenty of raw vegetables, and if you are so inclined, healthy (meaning organic, free range) meat and dairy.

pH Health also offer a double-whammy supplement in the form of Mega Greens with MSM, so that you can get all your greens and MSM in one hit. Perfect for those whose diet is inconsistent, or just for convenience as an overall boost to your health!